Hello! I’m Dannii, and this is my blog for miscellaneous stuff – basically anything which won’t fit at these, my more topical blogs:

I’m a linguist (someone who studies language and grammar, not someone who speaks a hundred languages). In 2011-2012 I did an  internship in PNG, teaching some local translators how to study the grammar of their own languages. My homepage has my previous linguistic work, which at the moment amounts to a not-very-good thesis. You have been warned!

When I’m not doing that my main hobby is Interactive Fiction. If you don’t know what that is, why not try one today! I run that website, iplayif.com, where you can play hundreds of IF stories in your browser, and I also work on several IF virtual machines. My IF website has the nerdy details.


The header quote is from William Gibson, one of my favourite authors and a cunning cultural observer.

I have mixed feelings about moving this blog from Blogger to WordPress. The platform is nice and the themes are attractive, but there are far more restrictions than Blogger and each page makes an atrocious number of HTTP requests. Sorry?

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